The authorized training center license allows you to offer Scrum Manager certification courses and exams, as well as apply for the validation of your own courses and activities for specialized or complementary content. Validated activities will also award Scrum Manager credentials to your clients.



  • Being a training or consulting organization.


  • The license is automatically renewed every year while Scrum Manager training (>10 students/year) with an average quality rating of 8/10 or higher is being taught.


There is no cost or maintenance fee for registration; you only need to offer high-quality training, which is annually verified through quality assessments.

Scrum ManagerĀ® will invoice a fixed cost for the issuance of certificates when requested by your center, which varies depending on whether the certified activity is a core or approved course.

Signup process

  1. Fill in the form in the "Request" tab and follow the instructions.
  2. If your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to the management intranet.
  3. Access the intranet ( with the username and password of the person who submitted the request. You will land on your center's profile, where you must complete the mandatory data.
    Until we activate your account, most of the intranet will remain invisible. You will be able to access your profile and a "Information" tab where you will find usage guides and other information: freelance teacher profiles, materials, cost per certificate issuance, announcements and news, etc.
  4. Complete the mandatory fields of each tab:
    • General information.
    • Billing information.
    • Public profile (optional).
    • Operators.
    • Signature.
    During the process, you can save and exit if you need to. Please note that your public profile will not be available until your profile has been submitted, reviewed, and activated.
  5. When you have filled in the data, click on "Submit" so that your information is validated.
  6. We will send a link to the address you provide to sign the following documents:
    • Commitment to compliance with the protocol for administering online certification exams.
    • Commitment to confidentiality for delivery of questions to a training center.
  7. Finally, once the signup is processed and if everything is in order, you will receive along with the signup confirmation:
    • Your license certificate.
    • Your access data.
    • Instructions to start using the Scrum Manager management platform for centers (

Academic Management Platform

Functions included in the platform:

  • Management of calls, courses, and exams.
  • Detailed information about exams taken by your students on the EVAL platform (
  • Creation of your own exams for accredited courses.
  • Configuration of your center's public profile.
  • Consultation and management of academic records of your students.
  • Consultation of quality ratings.
  • Administrative tasks: billing information, license terms, etc.

EVAL, customizable evaluation platform

Includes the Scrum Master and Scrum Level courses.

Allows you to upload exams for your accredited courses.

Management Intranet

Detailed information about all activities.

License terms

The license as an authorized training center authorizes you to:

  • Use the designations "Authorized Center" and "Examining Center" Scrum ManagerĀ®, as well as their respective logos.
  • Offer core Scrum Manager courses and exams, in any of the available modalities (face-to-face and online), following the relevant instructions.
  • Request the approval of courses and activities developed by your center, so that they become part of the Scrum Manager academic certification framework.
  • Make use of the academic management platform.
  • Publish your activities on the calendar.

The license does not authorize the use of the designation "Official Center". To do so, it is necessary to have been an authorized center for at least one year.


If you have any questions, in the FAQs section you can find information about Scrum Manager, academic and professional certifications, and Scrum Level.

You can also contact us via e-mail ( or by phone (+34) 644 441 617.