Scrum Manager is born in 2006 by the initiative of IT project managers

Their goal was to implement three factors that were required in the training and certification of agile managers:

  1. Accessibility.
  2. Certification backed by an exam.
  3. Certified level of knowledge.

And two principles in the training of agile managers:

  1. Inclusiveness.
  2. Expert management.


Scrum Manager is the first agile manager training that opts for a model of on-site training through specialized centres, checking their quality and optimizing resources and platforms, rather than the most costly model of 'event courses'.

Since 2006 it publishes all books and education materials openly and freely. It also offers for free online courses and exams to back up the acquired professional knowledge.

Certification backed by an exam.

Scrum Manager is the first agile management certification that demanded passing an exam in order to credit the knowledge of the certification, which was by then being granted simply by attending a course.

Certified level of knowledge.

Agility knowledge can include, apart from the core base, the study of additional and specialization areas, such as agile programming techniques, kanban, lean, product agile management, management or agile organizations, agility scalability, etc. Also, what was learned years ago, becomes outdated and forgotten if not renewed

To reflect both of these realities, Scrum Manager implemented the number of APs (Authority Points), which increases by studying and specializing further, and decreases as time goes by when no activities are done to update knowledge.

This way, Scrum Manager offers more thorough and truthful information about the level of knowledge.


Scrum Manager teaches agile management from the base of unedrstanding organizations as systemic realities. Without an inclussive approach, the implementation of agility only favours organizational frictions.

Expert management.

Scrum Manager does not train 'technical managers'; that is, managers who know the frameworks of agility as the implementation of their corresponding rules and techniques. Scrum Manager trains 'expert managers', who instead of becoming agility orthodoxes try to spread their range of knowledge and improve their management practices with the contributions of agility, thus creating their own synthesis of knowledge to improve management in their own environment.

Information about the training and certification framework of Scrum Manager®.

Information about Scrum certification.

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