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To be a training center or agent it is not required to pay a subscription fee. You can find more information and the application from here.

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Training and certification licenses Scrum Manager


Authorized centers have access to training and advisory resources, an intranet, and an academic certification framework.

They will have a specialized management platform (Intranet) from which to administer calls, exams, student feedback, generate and send certificates, and improve the visibility and SEO of the center. Your center and courses will appear in our directory, a reference point for students and companies seeking training and consulting services.

As centers, they will also have access to our online exam platform and the ability to customize it at no cost. The center license allows for commercial use, editing, and customization of training materials. If you are not an authorized or official center, a license is required to use materials for commercial, editing, and customization purposes, available at: professional area/license.

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At Scrum Manager, we value continuous and collaborative learning, which is why the available training resources and materials are classified into two versions based on their trajectory and implementation.

Version trajectory information

The terms "alpha" and "beta" in the version number indicate the following:




An initial proposal that may be subject to changes and improvements.


The version incorporates adjustments based on the experiences and suggestions of the teachers who use it. However, further changes may still be made before reaching the "consolidated" state.


Once a version has passed the beta stage, it is considered stable, but it is still iterable and is still open to reviews and feedback.

We appreciate your comments and suggestions for improving and perfecting the educational support activities.

Collaborate with our team: if you have suggestions or feedback about this activity, you can send us your comments to By contributing to the improvement of the activities and sharing your experience with the professional community, you can earn the Scrum Manager collaborator badge as recognition and gratitude for your contribution.


The certification of the knowledge about scrum and agile management model is issued by private membership or commercial organizations, such as Scrum Manager, Scrum Alliance, ScrumStudy, among others.

Each certification responds to its own evaluation criteria, and they are not official diplomas of formal education systems, although the names that some organizations give to their certificates might cause confusion and offer the false appearance of official diplomas: degree, master, PhD, etc.

The certification commonly known as "Scrum Master" accredits the understanding of the knowledge that is taught in a course of 16 teaching hours, either by attending the course or through online training.

The Scrum Manager core course certification covers professional knowledge for the role of "Scrum Master". Scrum Manager also develops a scale for the certification of knowledge to expand or specialize in agile management.

For more information, visit Academic Certifications.



Scrum certifications do not comply with any specific international standard, such a standard only exists as a de facto reality, framed by the best agile management practices implemented and shared by the professional community.

Scrum Manager's certification was the first scrum certification that was launched (in 2007) in order to credit the knowledge of scrum based on an exam, as an alternative of what was simply the attendance certificate to the Scrum Master course, which was misleadingly understood as a certification of professional knowledge. The appearance of Sgrum Manager's certification was a turning point, and since then scrum certifications started including an exam in order to get them.

Apart from Scrum Manager's certification, and the earlier one of the Scrum Alliance, other organizations have appeared that also train in scrum knowledge and certify it:

Scrum Manager's certification is the most widespread in the Hispano-American professional community.


The following table shows the equivalence by content and hours of training between the certifications issued by Scrum Alliance, Scrum Manager and for the professional profiles of Scrum Master, Product Owner and Scrum Developer.

Agile certifications


From the personal area > "Professional Area" > "Referring companies" you can you can include in the Scrum Manager company directory the improvement activities carried out in your team or company; or in your clients' companies if you are a professional consultant.

new company

The screen to register the information shows 3 tabs:

General data

Here you indicate the company's general information that will be shown in the directory.


About the upgrade

Provide the training or improvement activities you have performed with Scrum Manager or Srum Level.



Scrum Level

If you have performed an agility assessment, you can share the result in the directory, indicating the information here.

Scrum Level evaluation information